Teaching Experiences

Some of my best teachers in the classroom were those who connected with me as  critical thinker and as an individual. I have implemented inclusive teaching techniques in my experiences as a graduate student instructor (GSI) on teaching courses such as introduction to American politics and political theory. I have also acquired additional training in teaching through the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT) and have obtained University of Michigan's Graduate Teacher Certificate. In addition to training in teaching, I have received a certificate in Diversity and Inclusive Teaching Pedagogy through the Program on Intergroup Relations, CRLT, and Rackham School of Graduate Studies.

My teaching interests include:

Introductory Courses:

  • American Politics
  • Public Opinion
  • Race and Ethnic Politics
  • Research Design

Advanced Courses: 

  • Immigrant Political Incorporation
  • Asian American Politics
  • Latino Politics
  • Identity Politics
  • Survey Design on Hard-to-Reach Populations

Chinbo did a great job at supporting and encouraging her students, reiterating the important points and stimulating group discussion....Office hours were open and accessible, and Chinbo was always helpful in leading you to conclusions....Over all though, great job.

-PS 111: Introduction to American Politics

I enjoyed the discussion portion of this course. Chinbo is an excellent GSI. She was always very well-prepared and I can tell how much effort she put forth to helping students and preparing discussion sections...I personally appreciated Chinbo a lot as a GSI and all the care she took to make sure everyone was understanding the material.

-PS 111: Introduction to American Politics